2016 SEMINARS (no cost to participants, click HERE to download seminar list)

TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCIES – RAIL: University of Findley will provide training on emergencies involving rail cars. They will be bringing in a rail car simulator for the hands on portion of the seminar. We need to have a minimum of 20 students and a max of 40.

TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCIES – ROAD: Mustang Oil Field Services will discuss the hazards associated with cargo carried over the road. Mustang will utilize one of their tankers to deliver the hands on portion of the training.

TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCIES – PIPELINE: Williams Energy will deliver training on the hazards associated with the construction of pipelines as well as the potential hazards associated with transportation of product through finished pipelines. Classroom and hands on instruction will cover both transport and construction emergencies.
HAZ MAT IQ.  This informative class will cover, Atmospheric Monitoring – 4 gas, VOC, Radioactivity - NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material), Hydrocarbons, H2S Hazards and Detection and other hazardous environment considerations.                                   
UNIFIED COMMAND AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS:  This seminar will include, Command Structure, Roles/Responsibility/Authority, Pre-Planning – site vs responder plans, Functional Drills, Table Tops and much more. Learn the value of knowing who your resources are.

WELL PADS 101: OOGEEP (Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program) along with Gulfport Energy will combine morning classroom instruction with a field visit to a well pad. The class will include, Build out, Components, Hazards, On-site emergency preparedness and other pertinent topics.
(Field visit – will require FR clothing or fire department NFPA 1971 compliant bunker gear)

EMS RESPONSE TO OIL FIELD EMERGENCIES:  Will be presented by NIOSH. This seminar will include discussions on the value of Pre-Planning, Response Considerations, Access, Site Resources, and common
hazards associated oil and gas facilities.

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